August 3

Mediation – Preparation for the Property Division Issues

You have agreed to mediate the property division issues related to the divorce action and chosen a mediator from the pool of potential mediators. What do you do next? Prepare to help the mediator help you. A mediator cannot help you narrow issues and facilitate the discussion of resolution options unless you help the mediator.

June 23

Equal Division of Property in Wisconsin Divorce

An equal division of the property included in the marital estate is the starting point in a Wisconsin divorce action. This does not mean that each person receives one-half of each and every asset. Each is presumed to be entitled to one-half of the total net value of the marital estate – value of the.

June 16

Property Subject to Division in Wisconsin Divorce

When an action for divorce is filed in Wisconsin, both the husband and wife are required to disclose all of the assets and liabilities they know of. This means everything in the husband’s name, the wife’s name, and both of their names. It includes assets and liabilities brought to the marriage and those accumulated during.

June 10

In divorce the personality of the attorney matters

Attorney’s Personality Impacts Results If you are thinking about filing for divorce or you are responding to an action filed by your spouse, you should carefully select the attorney who you want to represent you. While you certainly want an attorney who is competent and one who has a great deal of experience in handling.