Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative process offers a less adversarial approach to resolve disputes without court intervention. The collaborative divorce process gives couples a greater degree of privacy because disputed issues are not aired in an open courtroom. It gives couples, not the judge, control over the ultimate outcome.

Each party retains an attorney trained in the collaborative process, such as Attorney Peggy L. Podell, to assist them through the process. Each party agrees to voluntarily share relevant information and enter settlement negotiations in good faith. The parties and attorneys agree that they will not ask a judge or hearing officer to decide any issue. If either party threatens to or actually seeks court intervention, both attorneys must withdraw from the case.

In the collaborative process agreement is reached through mutual problem solving with you and your spouse shaping the divorce agreement with the assistance of your attorneys. Depending on the issues, other professionals such as child specialists, financial advisors, and divorce coaches may also be involved. The Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin website at is a good source for additional information about this process.