Questions About the Office

How can you help me during my divorce?

Attorney Peggy L. Podell is available to help you by giving you advice, helping you to select the divorce process that is best suited to your needs and goals and by representing you in negotiations with the other attorney and appearing before the court if necessary.

Once retained, clients are told to call if they have questions regarding the divorce. However, it is strongly suggested that whenever possible the questions should be grouped and put into a letter or an appointment should be made in order to discuss important questions. By doing this, the time to fully address the individual’s concerns can be scheduled.

Divorce is an emotional process, and individuals going through a divorce may have emotional as well as legal needs. This is natural. Referrals to mental health professional can be provided if a client believes that it would be beneficial for them in dealing with the emotional aspects of the process. In addition, many couples in the process of divorce attend joint counseling not to save the marriage, but rather to help them cooperate in raising their children after the divorce.

What dispute resolution options do you offer?

Attorney Peggy L. Podell provides representation in the forms of traditional litigation, collaborative law,  and mediation. Not every option is appropriate for everyone. Through her discussions with you, she ttempt to find the option that is comfortable for you and appropriate under the circumstances.